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AMTAS Pro™ operates with a GSI audiometer, either the AudioStar Pro™ or Pello™, that is connected to a computer or touch screen monitor. This version offers diagnostic testing for air and bone conduction with masking and speech SRT, WRS with masking. AMTAS Pro provides up to nine quality indicators and two reporting options. A basic pure tone screening module is also available with AMTAS Pro.

This test is self-paced, typically takes 15 - 20 minutes to complete, and requires minimal supervision. This provides audiologists the opportunity to see more patients and to perform other tasks in the clinic.

Key Features:

  • Self-directed and self-paced software
  • Pure Tone: Air and Bone with masking
  • Speech: SRT and WRS with masking
  • Configurable based on testing needs
  • Nine data quality indicators with AMTAS Pro
  • Run with AudioStar Pro or Pello
  • Report options: Diagnostic and Counseling


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