Amplivox 202 & 202-H
Amplivox 202 & 202-H Portable Tympanometers
Handheld Portable Tympanometers Amplivox 202 & 202-H
Handheld Screening Tympanometers Amplivox 202 & 202-H
Amplivox 202 & 202-H Otowave Tympanometers

Amplivox 202 & 202-H

Handheld diagnostic tympanometers

Handheld diagnostic tympanometers that provide fast and accurate middle ear measurements in all age groups including neonates. The ideal choice for audiology, ENT and hearing care professionals who require a portable tympanometer for both mobile and clinical test settings.

Weighing only 430g (with batteries), the simple design allows for complete portability. Powered by AA batteries or via mains power, the Otowave 202 is ideal for mobile use or in a static clinical setting where space is at a premium. The Otowave 202 and 202-H also offer a wide range of test functionality to ensure testing requirements can not only be met, but exceeded. 

Key Features:

  • Designed for handheld and desktop use
  • Mains and battery power functionality
  • 226Hz probe tone
  • Optional 1kHz probe tone (202-H option) with admittance, susceptance and conductance measurements (YBG)
  • Live display
  • Enhanced Ipsilateral and contralateral reflex frequencies (0.5, 1, 2 and 4kHz)
  • Enhanced mode reflex test
  • Auto pass/refer evaluation
  • Fully customisable test protocol
  • User selectable measurement speeds
  • Internal memory, connection to portable printer and/or PC


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