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Maico Pilot Test

Pure tone screening and playful queries in one device

The small patient purchases a “pilot license” in a playful way. Connected to the game is a hearing test, aiming to examine hearing and speech comprehension. Furthermore, the test shows the kid’s ability to put things heard into action. Thus, severe hearing impairments may be discovered in time, especially with preschoolers.

After completing the Pilot Hearing Test each kid is rewarded with a sticker and leaves the premises a proud pilot.

Key Features:

  • More than just an auditory test: Hearing – Understanding – Implementing
  • Playful queries for children three years of age and older
  • The new graphical LCD-Color-Display shows the picture of the test word
  • Tone audiometry for older children
  • Pilot Hearing Test is available in different languages
  • Up to 20 different languages may be stored on the device
  • MAICO Sessions PC Software optional
  • OtoAccess® or Noah database optional


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