Amplivox 302 & 302+
Amplivox 302 & 302+ Compact Diagnostic Tympanometers
Compact Diagnostic Tympanometers
Compact Diagnostic Tympanometers Amplivox 302 & 302+
Amplivox 302 & 302+ Otowave Tympanometer

Amplivox 302 & 302+

Compact diagnostic tympanometers

Diagnostic tympanometers that provide fast and accurate middle ear measurements for all age groups, including neonates. Ideal for audiology, ENT, and hearing care professionals
who require customised measurements and data transfer.

The Otowave 302 includes the perfect test array to assess all ages and identify the most common middle ear pathologies. The Otowave 302+ offers quick and accessible test settings with the additional feature of selecting patient profiles including adult, child and neonate. 

Key Features:

  • Compact design with a graphic LCD display
  • 226Hz probe tone or 1kHz probe tone (Otowave 302+) with admittance, susceptance and conductance measurements (YBG)
  • Live tymp display - measurements shown in real time
  • Ipsilateral and contralateral reflex frequencies (0.5, 1, 2 & 4kHz)
  • Auto pass/refer evaluation (ear canal volume)
  • Fast and accurate impedance measurements
  • Intuitive use / real time display
  • Optimised, user-selectable measurement speeds
  • Six user-configured test protocols (302+)
  • Internal memory, PC connectivity and optional portable printer


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