MedRx UltraVac+
Diagnostic Equipment Medrx Ultravac+
Diagnostic Equipment Medrx Ultravac
Medrx Ultravac
Professional Hearing Aid Vacuum And Dryer

MedRx UltraVac+

Vacuum & Drying Chamber

Designed to give dispensers and technicians a functional tool for repairing, restoring and maintaining hearing aids. The UltraVac+ is easy to use – which makes it ideal for those who may just be getting started but powerful enough for the demands of the most experienced technician.

Key Features:

  • 4 minute Drying Chamber cycle with auto shut off
  • Display panel indicates the vacuum level of the Drying Chamber and time remaining during use
  • Separate Pressure and Vacuum Wands work simultaneously
  • In-line Vacuum Hose filter – minimize debris in the system
  • Easy to use and easy to keep clean


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