Otoport Flexi
Otodynamics Otoport Flexi
Otoport Flexi Newborn Hearing Screener
Otodynamics Otoport

Otoport Flexi

The Otoport Flexi provides high quality OAE measurement features in a compact, hand-held format. The Otoport is simple to use and with powerful measurement features performs an automatic analysis of cochlear status within seconds. Designed for the clinic and the nursery, the Otoport flexi handheld OAE instrument can meet your needs. It is easy to switch between analytical clinical modes and screening modes.

System features:

  • Trusted OAE configurable pass criteria
  • Fast noise resistant operation
  • Each test is saved with the actual physiological response
  • Up to 250 tests in a single battery charge
  • Individual band pass indications
  • Built in self-test and probe check functions
  • Print directly to battery powered mini printer with automatic print on connect mode


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