Otoport Advance
Otodynamics Otoport Advance
Otoport Flexi Newborn Hearing Screener
Otodynamics Otoport
Otodynamics Otoport

Otoport Advance

The Otoport Advance provides high quality OAE measurement features in a compact, hand-held format. The Otoport Advance is simple to use and with powerful measurement features performs an automatic analysis of cochlear status within seconds. Customisable Stop criteria control the test’s automatic stop.

System features:

  • DPOAE testing to high resolutions
  • DP Growth analysis
  • TEOAE Quickscreen testing
  • Ultra fast interactive graphic display
  • ILO Gold Standard data format
  • Frequency band or waveform analysis
  • Mobile/cell phone type keypad
  • Data transfer allowing viewing and analysis on PC, including V6 clinical software


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