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ABR + OAE Combined in One Hearing Screening Device

Our easyScreen unites ABR, TEOAE and DPOAE screening capabilities in one device to meet your need for a cost efficient 2-step ABR/OAE Hearing Screener. easyScreen will lighten your daily workload in many ways: The device fits right into your pocket and helps you save time with its binaural automated ABR screening to test both ears at the same time. The integrated CE-Chirp® stimulus generates accurate pass or refer results within seconds. This ABR and OAE testing device is easy to operate and allows even first-time users to achieve the most accurate results thanks to its on-screen guidance.

Key Features:

  • Fast and accurate ABR + OAE Hearing Screening
  • Powerful automated ABR Screening method with CE-Chirp® stimulus
  • Intuitive user interface and large colour touchscreen
  • Pocketsized and lightweight
  • Optional HearSIM™ patient database and device manager
  • Optional easyCart for an organized mobile workspace 


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