Amplivox Pc850
Desktop Based Screening Audiometer
Screening Audiometer With Audiocups
Pc-Based Automatic Audiometer
Amplivox Pc850 Pc Based Automatic Audiometer

Amplivox PC850

The leading PC-based audiometer that provides a customised and flexible solution for all screening audiometry requirements within occupational health and safety critical roles. Designed to  help to reduce test and administration times as well as improve clinic workflows. 

As well as automatic categorisation, the instrument has a comprehensive range of test types (including Békésy) and is supplied with an audiometric database (Audibase) that can provide statistical analysis on both an individual and user defined group basis. 

Key Features:

  • Automatic and manual test modes (inc. Békésy test)
  • HSE categorisation
  • Unique educational and assessment tools
  • Extensive data analysis and trending
  • Communication channel
  • Third-party EMR connectivity
  • Intuitive and ergonomic design
  • Compact, lightweight and portable


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