Inventis Nystalyze

Modular VNG/ Frenzel System

Nystalyze is a powerful and scalable system designed for visualizing and analyzing nystagmus, making it an invaluable tool for treating patients with dizziness and vertigo. With three different available modules, it offers the flexibility to configure the system according to the unique requirements of each clinic..

VideoScope module - Video-Frenzel

VideoScope is the Nystalyze module for the visualization and recording of eye movements. Suitable for both diagnostic and rehabilitation purposes, with VideoScope module the user can choose between unique flexibility and advantages of a wireless system, or a more standard configuration with wired camera.

• Simple and intuitive system

• Video and audio recording features

• Available with wireless camera

VNG module - Videonystagmography

The SYNAPSYS VNG module, offers a wide and complete range of tests, including vestibular and oculomotor. Available in two versions:

• SYNAPSYS VNG module Basic includes the positional, nystagmus and caloric tests.

• SYNAPSYS VNG module Plus adds to the offer the oculomotor tests: saccades, smooth pursuit, optokinetic and gaze.

SYNAPSYS VNG uses advanced infrared cameras to instantly capture eye movements without adjustmens, even in challenging conditions like dark eyelids. It offers optional binocular camera analysis for comprehensive oculomotor testing. This system simplifies balance disorder examinations, saves time, and provides reliable results with normative data, real-time markers, and various tracking modes.

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