Difra Nysstar Ii
Vestibulometry Nysstar II
Difra Nysstar Ii
Vestibulometry Nysstar II

Difra NysStar II

NYSSTAR II has to be accompanied by a software. Two possibilities are available: EasyVNG or DISOFT II. Easy VNG is a simple click and play solution. DISOFT II is the fully configurable and customizable software. Both are powerful data-processing softwares, which simplify the task of the doctor.

According to the tests carried out, the software analyzes and measures various parameters:

  • number of jolts or ocular movements
  • amplitude, frequency
  • slow phase speed of nystagmus
  • latency, phase, distortion
  • gain
  • symmetry or asymmetry of the responses
  • paresis or labyrintic hypoexitability, directional
  • preponderance of nystagmus
  • measure of ocular fixation indices


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