Medrx Avant Arc Audiometer And Rem
Medrx Avant Arc Combo
Diagnostic Equipment Medrx Avant Arc Combo
Audiometer & Real Ear Combination System
Medrx Avant Arc

MedRx Avant Arc Combo

Combining the Power of Audiometry, Real Ear Measurement & Live Speech Mapping In One Compact System.

Key Features:

  • Complete Air Bone, Speech and Masking Audiometry
  • Binaural Real Ear Measurement and Live Speech Mapping
  • Powerful 3rd Party Counseling Tools
  • Built-In Special Tests, Word Lists and Auto-Scoring
  • AutoFit Capable
  • PC- based and Portable
  • 2 x 20 W built-in Amplifiers
  • Small Footprint – approx. 20 cm x 12 cm x 3 cm
  • USB Connection to Computer
  • Noah, TIMS®, Blueprint OMS and Sycle Compatible


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