MedRx Video Otoscope
Diagnostic Equipment Medrx Video Otoscope
Video Otoscope
Medrx Usb Video Otoscope
Diagnostic Equipment Video Otoscope

MedRx Video Otoscope

Store pictures in Noah, retrieve results easily for follow-up visits showing the patients their progress.

The remarkably clear resolution of the MedRx Video Otoscope is particularly helpful when comparing a clean ear canal with a normal eardrum to a canal that has excessive cerumen, foreign bodies, external otitis, PE Tube status, cholesteatoma, TM perforations or other abnormalities.

Key Features:

  • User Friendly, USB Connection, Plug and Play Technology
  • Capture, View and Store Digital Images and Live Video Recordings
  • Perform an Otoscopic Examination
  • View the Probe Microphone Tube in the Ear Canal
  • Clear and Sharp Images
  • Conveniently Shows a List of Captured Pictures, Comments and Previews of the Selected Images
  • Noah, TIMS®, Blueprint OMS and Sycle Compatible
  • An Integrated Video Module is Available in MedRx Software
  • Ideal for Cerumen Management

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