Otodynamics Echoport 292
Advanced Binaural Clinical
Advanced Clinical Binaural Oaes
Advanced Clinical Oae System

Otodynamics Echoport 292

Advanced binaural clinical/research OAEs

Lightweight, portable OAE instrument for use with laptop or desktop PC via USB port. Includes both ILOV6 Clinical OAE software and EZ-Screen, with patient data management software. The 292 performs the full range of single-probe clinical OAE measurement with trusted ILO analysis.

System features:

  • TEOAE, DPOAE, SOAE, DP Growth, Bilateral TE and DP plus Contralateral Suppression
  • Advanced binaural clinical/research OAEs

Advanced functions:

  • Powerful ‘synchronised’ spontaneous emission search to reveal actual and latent spontaneous OAEs
  • Full spectrum display during DP test shows higher order DPs
  • Contralateral noise suppression of TEOAE


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